Calahonda – Shore Diving up to 30 Mtrs

Easy entry from the shore, shallow, long dive times, and rock walls covered in life, what is not to like about Calahonda!

Diving at the far end of the beach, where the cliff drops into the sea, we can enjoy two dives in one day.

1.  El Punto de Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill Point!) dive follows a gently descending route where the base of the cliff meets the sand seabed. We reach the corner of the cliff at around 18 metres, where we can continue on deeper (22 metres) into another cove, or return slightly shallower. We have many large rocks and boulders here to explore, along with the vertical face of the cliff that drops in from above. We usually find many juvenile fish, the occasional electric ray, along with anemones and soft corals on the cliff face.

2. Arrecife de Paso (Step Reef) dives on the reef that stays within the corner of the beach. We follow the seabed out to 12 metres, where we will turn back into the reef, traversing a series of steps that keep close into the foot of the cliff. This reef is teeming with juvenile fish, and being close to the cliff face, means that bringing a torch helps search out much of the hidden life on this dive. One of our favourites!

A perfect dive for night diving.