La Herradura – Shore Diving up to 30 Mtrs

Spanish for “Horseshoe”, which refers to the shape of the bay, La Herradura is a beautiful pebble beach that offers an easy shore dive at its’ eastern end, known as El Chambao.

The dive starts shallow and follows the rock wall, finning around many of the large boulders that have fallen onto the seabed, as we steadily descend to around 8/10 metres. Many large rocks stand proud of the seabed, providing the habitat for the many different creatures, and it’s these that provide the focal point of the dive. This dive also makes for a great night dive.

Just a short drive on from El Chambao takes us to a parking area above a rocky outcrop, from which a path leads us down to the entry point for the dives Tres Picos & Cala del Perro. Upon entering the water we descend a few metres into the shallow cove where we can head left for Cala del Perro , or continue out for Tres Picos.

Tres Picos literally means three peaks and it is this that we find on the dive; three distinct rock pinnacles that rise up from 16 metres to almost break the surface. We follow a circular route around the base of the peaks, exploring the small ravines between the peaks, before heading back to the cove.

Cala del Perro follows the left wall of the cove, where we quickly drop to the seabed at 22/24 metres. We follow the wall until we make our way into the bay, where we have an opportunity to explore among the many rock faces.