San Pedro – Shore Diving up to 12 Mtrs

From an easy shore entry we can visit the “El Galeon” which is an amazing easy wreck dive at 6 to 8 mtrs.

You can surface swim to the wreck or have fun with a compass and make your way underwater.  If you reach 9 mtrs and still no wreck then you missed it !.

Supposedly a 300 year old French wooden galeon, un-registered, with only parts of the deck and hull remaining it is spread over a small area of seabed in 2 pieces and provides an exciting dive for newly certified divers.

The wreck is home to a variety of fish species and soft corals. Scorpion fish, Octopuses, Cuttlefish  inhabit the wreck for protection and “Pedro“, (named by local divers), a friendly Conger eel, the guardian of the wreck always pops his head out from his pipe home to say “hello”.

You can still see the canons and canon balls encased in coral that still cover the seabed.