Marbella – Shore / Boat Diving up to 30 Mtrs

Marbella is another popular location for shore and boat diving sites on Mainland Spain. Usually you will meet up with numerous dive centres all enjoying this superb location and the post dive debriefs are a great social event.

There are numerous dive sites available from boat or shore including Roqueilles, Las Bovedas, Boloňes de Banus.

1. Boat dive from the port – 30 Mtrs

From the boat excursions of about 20 minutes or less you will experience reef walls, canyons, vast areas of underwater boulders, swim throughs and rocky reefs.

They are all exposed to strong currents and an amazing variety of aquatic life enjoys such conditions.

You will experience Octopuses, soft colourful corals, shoals of fish species, Spidercrabs, Cuttlefish to name a few so dont forget your camera.

2. El Torre (The Tower) Shore dive – 30 Mtrs

What’s left of the old cable car system has sunk here. The system brought mined Iron Ore from quarries inland to barges waiting hungrily, to be loaded, off-shore.

The remains of the crane arm sunk in about 10 mtrs of water is a perfect fun dive.

A short underwater swim away is a sunken barge used to ship the Iron Ore. The engine still stands upright as does the propeller shaft and propeller motionless and at rest.  An amazing experience and  a perfect opportunity for photography.

Moray and Conger eels, Octopuses, Wrasses and Scorpionfish to name a few inhabit the steel work covered now in soft colourful corals.