Punta de La Mona – Boat Diving up to 40 Mtrs

Partnering with one of the longest established dive centres along the coast, we can offer some exhilarating dives that can only be done from a boat. Based around the outer edges of the Punta de la Mona headland, the boat provides us with easy access to these dive sites, including the deep drift and wall dives. Diving is subject to the prevailing conditions on the day.

We have three dive sites available from the boat, but it takes many dives to fully appreciate what each one has to offer!

1. Tres Picos ( Three peaks) – 20 Mtrs

Tres Picos (max depth 20 mtrs) is on the inside edge of the western end of the headland.

Only a ten-minute boat ride from the port, the boat ties-off close to the dive, where a shallow descent to 5 metres brings us the edge of the ‘Three Peaks’.

These three rock peaks rise from the seabed, at 16 metres, and have near vertical walls and gullies that are the focus of the dive. Lots of small cracks, overhanging rocks, and a swim through, add to the fun of exploring on this dive.

Nitrox is an advantage on this dive if chosen as a second dive of the day.

2. Las Calita ( The Cove ) – 25 Mtrs

La Calita (max depth 25 mtrs) is the last bay on the western edge of the headland, just before the outer wall.

A ten-minute boat ride takes us into the bay, where the boat ties off in just a few metres of water.

Descending here we quickly reach the start of the dive at 18 metres, and follow the rocks out to deeper water. We will be looking underneath the rocks for Electric rays, Conger eels, Groupers, and if we are lucky maybe a visit from a Sunfish. We ascend the vertical wall and return at a shallower depth back the boat.

Nitrox is advised for this dive.

3. Punta de La Mona (Mona’s Point) – 40 Mtrs

The outer cliffs of the Punta de la Mona (max depth 40 mtrs) are a spectacular backdrop for this dive.

A near continuous drop from the surface, the rockface meets the seabed at 30 to 35 mtrs, where we will explore the vertical rockfaces, investigate the overhangs, and enjoy a swim through or two! On this dive we are lucky to find the Precious coral, which can only be found at these depths, as well as shoals of Sardines, with the occasional Tuna chasing after them.

Depending on the conditions this can be done as a drift dive.

This dive is perfect for Nitrox.