Gibraltar – Shore Diving up to 40 Mtrs

Camp Bay and Rosia Bay have to be two of the more serious and most popular shore diving sites in Gibraltar. During the week and definately at the weekends these sites are flooded with divers and dive centres all keen to land on the numerous wrecks within easy reach from the shore. The Eco system is spectacular as a direct result of the denser, saltier Mediterranean Sea waters mixing with the Atlantic Ocean currents and together with the many wrecks form a divers paradise.

We have many dive sites available from the shore and it will take many visits to appreciate every wreck on offer so don’t forget your passport and Spanish residencia card.

1. Camp Bay – 12 to 25 Mtrs

From Camp Bay we will dive the 482M and Batty’s Barge at 12 -16 Mtrs on the left and having been sunk in 1990 as part of the Artificial Reef Project. They sit upright next to each other and these two wrecks are visited for the first dive. Need I mention the aquatic life you will soon see?.

To the right as a second dive we dive on 4 barges at depths between 8 mtrs and 22 mtrs as a group. Two were sunk in the 1950’s and the others in the 1980’s again as part of the Camp Bay Artificial Reef Project.

It’s a must to research on Google before the dives to wet your appetites as we can also visit the Hulk, Ark, Seamaster and Basha.

2. Rosia Bay – 12 to 30 Mtrs

From here we dive left and visit the Sea Hawk, sat upright in 27 mtrs having been sunk in 2002 as part of the Artificial Reef Project.

To the right we dive to the Seven Sisters, Mollymock, Okeanos and El Pipo over several dive visits. Again please Google, there is so much to read and digest.