Tarifa – Boat Diving up to 40 Mtrs

Just 5 minutes out of the port we arrive at our superb dive locations at the Isla de Tarifa.

The ocean currents, often powerful, flow between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean encouraging a very rich Eco-system that results in an amazing variety of marine life. Colourful soft corals, Nudibranchs, Cuttlefish, Starfish, Octopuses, Scorpionfish, Moray eels, Sea perch.

We have a variety of dive sites available from the boat and it will take many trips to fully appreciate what Tarifa can offer. Divers can explore reefs, wrecks, caves, walls, tunnels and shallow platforms and they offer an amazing opportunity for underwater photography.

1. The Precio del San Andres (wreck dive) sits quietly at 30 mtrs + and sank in 1856 in strong winds. It was a paddle steamer and you can dive on the bow and bridge and experience the steam boilers and one of the paddle wheels. A dive designed for Deep and Advanced divers.

2. Morrocco Point provides the opportunity for drift diving with strong currents and depth whilst experiencing an amazing variety of aquatic life. On a lucky day you will see Groupers and Rays playing in the same currents.

3. The “Boilers” (wreck dive) as we term the dive is a wreck that the locals call “Las Calderas“. It is the remains of a cargo ship that sank in rough seas and is spread over a large area of sea bed at 18 mtrs +. It’s the best well known swim through in Tarifa and divers are plentyful at this site.