deep diver

Deep Diver

275 euros

elearning:  Independent-study materials.

eLearning time commitment: 2-4 hours

Prerequisites: PADI Adventure Diver (or equivalent)

Practical time commitment: 2-3 days

Minimum age: 15 years

Course Information

PADI Deep Diver is a certification to recreational limits of 40m.  Following completion of your course you will be skilled to explore deeper depths, manage your gas supplies and how to identify and manage narcosis.

With your new skills you can visit deeper wrecks and differing aquatic life with an vastly improved control of buoyancy.


The course includes.

Continuous knowledge development

Four dives, Precise dive planning

Descents, ascents, safety stops, emergency Air


Undestand colour changes

Understand special safety considerations

Plan, conduct dives to 40m

Continue your dive training